Who I am


I am a young professional from Switzerland - striving for success.


They say: "You can't make something out of nothing.", this is why I am actively shaping and building my future. This implies that I am expanding my horizon whenever possible, education wise, as well a through hardship and work. There are several companies which I am involved with, where I can build expertise through own experience:

- Family Office, where I work as a junior accountant 

- My own startup, where the prototype of a disruptive and practical tool is in construction
- www.vibrations.film where I am involved as a CFO and marketing expert
- www.antoniadurisch.com my little film production baby, where I do massive productions or         

  mentoring projects for young filmmakers

I am grateful that I have the possebility to study, which is why I studied as much as possible:

- I speak German (C2), Swiss-German (C2), English (B2 or C1), French (B2 or C1), Russian (B2)
- I've got the administrator in financial accounting diploma 
- I've got the project management IPMA level D diploma
- I've got the MS SIZ II diploma
- I am doing my bachelor at the university - major Digital Business and AI Management

  an in university I could identify my core strengths (swiss grades in brackets):

✓ Innovation management (6)
✓ Strategic management (5.5)
✓ Data analysis / scientific writing (5.5)
✓ Digital Communication & Social Media (5.5)
✓ Organizational management (5.5)
✓ Journalism (5.5)
✓ Business law (5.5)
✓ Process & Supply Chain Management (5.5)
✓ Leadership (5)
✓ Communication (5)
✓ Project management (5)
✓ Customer Relations (5)
✓ Digital & Mobile Busines (5.0)

By having a burning desire to solve problems, to analyzie situations and to be creative, this are some of the reasons why I have started this blog.



At one point I have told myself that I have to monetize my knowledge.


It is okay to take it easy, to evolve constantly and to be a student of life, but there must be a return on investment on all the hours of hard work. So this is it - the masterplan.


First I will set myself a goal:


"I want to gain 1 Million Dollars."

Then I will set myself a time, as without any deadline there will be no pressure at all:

"I want to gain 1 Million Dollars, by age 30." 

After all I need to have a plan:

"I want to gain 1 Million Dollars, by age 30, through businesses I have build up." 

Now I need to give my plan a reason, because every vision needs a WHY:

"I want to gain 1 Million Dollars, by age 30, through businesses I have build up,
so that I can live my different passions and strengths through the process & make an impact; 
to leave our world a better place."

With this solid vision as a foundation I can start working towards that goal. How I will achieve it? You'll be able to follow the progress, stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe to the e-mail base, so that I can send you my newest learnings, topics I have studied, and so much more 🌟

© Antonia Durisch   IMPRESSUM