Did you do anything profitable during the COVID-19 pandemic? No? 


Most people I know don't see this pandemic as a chance for personal and business growth. They fear the following weeks, they talk of recession.The reason is that they don't know where to start, that they are not very creative and don't exactly know what they could do or how they could start. 


As I love creating new business models and already have studied the topics to a certain extent, I offered my friends to create a short overview with ideas and measures. My goal with this is to give inspiration, to offer a helping hand to those who need it and to show, that you don't need money to start a business, all you need is a good idea and the will to execute it correctly!


This PDF consists of 8 pages or ~801 KB of information. 
First I will give 14 ideas of what you could do for an income without spending the last money you own. Then I will give assistance on how to develop clever strategies with 9 valuable tips. Followed by 14 recommendations which will support you personally. Afterwards I will suggest 9 possible ways on how to track your progress. Then I have 9 suggetions what to do if you are not successful. Once your business is going well I advice you with 6 important measures. In the next step I talk about 9 very important social factors. The last page is used as a short reminder what to do next and how to stay in the loop. I was stuying for a while till I had all the things together which I wanted to share with you. My offer is the following: I offer you my support for CHF 5.00, that's the price of a coffee, and if you succeed after reading this, I'd be happy to count you to my community :-) It's a great way for both of us to grow, for you financially, for me follower wise. Deal? Enjoy!

8 steps to a SUCCESSFUL business

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